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Eastern holidays 2021

Dear patients,

our practice will be closed from April 13th to April 24th 2022. If your child falls ill during our holidays please contact Dr. Hundt, Dr. Kaethner, Breite Str. 13, 14199 Berlin, Tel. 8232021.
We will open again on April 25th 2022. Please make an appointment by phone call or send us an email before you come. Please remember to wear a mask from the age of 6 on when entering the practice.

Thank you for your understanding, Sigrid Schründer and team


We at the children's health and medical practice would like to warmly welcome you on our website.

We treat all children; from their very first days as newborn babies right through to adulthood. At the heart of our treatment is an individual, personal and friendly approach to care, help and support for your child and you.

In addition, we happily offer you our wealth of knowledge and experience for any concerns and questions you have whether about the acute health of your child or the prevention of illness.

We are aware of the stress illness brings and the pressure on your time. We therefore try hard to reduce the amount that you need to wait. In order to assist us to do so please ring for an appointment. For adolescents and teenagers we offer special appointments on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons after 5pm and during the holidays.

Remember to bring the vaccination and healthcare books.

Thank you again for visiting our website.